Saturday, August 19, 2006


Prompt attentions to stains will keep carpets looking good.

Spills or accidents on carpets should be cleaned ASAP to prevent staining. J.R.'s Carpet Cleaning has a helpful guide for stain removal.

After stain is removed put a
chair over newly cleaned area on carpet.
  • Prevents dirt from getting ground into the wet carpet from dirty shoes or feet and creating a new stain.
  • A chair is large enough so it does not create tripping hazard.
  • Prevents walking on the wet area on the carpet. Damp shoes and feet can create a slipping hazzard when stepping off carpet onto a smooth surface.
Speed up drying of area.
  • Use a hair dryer on the area. Monitor carefully so as not to melt sythetic fibers.
  • Put a folded old towel on spot to blot up mosture. Change damp towel with a dry one as needed. A chair may still be helpful so staff and/or residents don't trip on towel.


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